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As simple as it is – a potato with a message – its impact is unparalleled. Send your message to whoever you want – anonymous or not – on a potato. Wouldn’t you remember receiving a potato with a funny message on it for a looong time? We are convinced you do! And we are sure you know someone else who would too, right? Spread laughter, confusion and joy today!

About Us

Hola Patata is your way to send a message in the most unique, unexpected and hilarious way possible. Send it to friends, loved ones, co-workers, secret love, basically everyone to make them smile, laugh or confuse them. It's anonymous.


Have you ever received a potato with a message? If yes, there’s no need to convince you that this is the funniest way to send and receive a message. Laughter and (most often) confusion is guaranteed! If no, get ready to have some fun!


Postcards and greeting cards are outdated. Sorry not sorry. Receiving a potato with a message is a moment that will be remembered – that’s for sure. Sending it probably too!

Simply Brilliant

Look it up in the dictionary: brilliant [brɪl.jənt] = very good. That’s it. Sending a message on a potato is not just good – it’s veeery gooood! Simply put – it’s brilliant!

How It Works

1. Choose your desired potato size

2. Customize your message

3. Order

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