This is all I could afford

Let's get mashed

You're the banger to my mash

Happy birthday!

Hi from your secret adorer

I did not know what to get you so I got you this

You are A-Peel-Ing

You are the best!

No matter how useless you feel now, you are someone's reason to smile

You are hot AF

I love you

Remember the time we got baked like a potato?

This is too funny not to send!

Mash me and give thanks

This is far greater than a letter

I love you more than you love potatoes

Get well soon. Rooting for you

You're one hot potato

We collected money to send you a gift. That is it!

My love for your sprouts more and more every day

Time fries when you are having fun!

Drop it like it's hot

If you only knew how mash you mean to me

Got drunk and found this website - sorry!

We're a perfect mash

Because a potato is the best drunk purchase ever. Love you!

Have a s-mash-ing birthday

Much love from your favorite potato

I love you more than potatoes. That's a lot